Back? Fingers crossed.

It can be so hard to get a little freedom from the daily struggle when life goes absolutely insane and nothing is going right. Which is why I actually ceased all blogging activities for a while. Writing,  instagram, everything really. I was (okay, still am) exhausted, stretched way too thin, and not even riding. So this is me saying, I’m back. I hope. Not on the most consistent of levels but I’ve got to start somewhere… right? Right now, thanks to Bella, I’m not sure what riding is actually going to look like for me for a bit. This morning she somehow got loose and barreled around the farm. Down both sides of the driveway, got all the other horses turned out worked up (sorry guys), and managed to slip, half fall, and get a few cuts on her leg. The most concerning is the small puncture wound she’s got. I’ll be honest though, she’s still sound today, it hadn’t started swelling up

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Life Updates

So with Jax not feeling well (great news, it wasn’t what we were originally worried about but now we have to explore other avenues), and then being busy at work, stressed with J taking exams for his first year of law school (go babe, go!) I’ve not really actually posted much about what’s been going on with Bella and I. So for a short recap of the past week and some change… We moved barns! I moved before the month was over but that was to ensure I could get back to riding ASAP. Bella had a couple of chill weeks, luckily your horse doesn’t get out of shape instantly. I packed up my car (all but the saddle and trunk in the top right) the night before we moved. The day of all I had to do was throw the saddle and trunk (and my riding gear, forgot about that) into the truck & trailer and load up. We

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