The #Hashtag Olympics

First things first: Equestrianism, as it is apparently being called, is most certainly a sport. One issue that most certainly has us “salty” here at TSE is the consideration that Equestrian events are on the Olympic chopping block, so to speak. In light of the recent social media push to bring our sport back into the limelight, we have put together a list of hashtags that, in hindsight, might have worked even better!

Their hashtags:

#TwoHearts #JoinTheJourney #RoadToRio #Rio2016

Our alternative hashtags:

Two hearts? CORNY! How about: #FourEyes #SixLegs #72ishTeeth #FourButtCheeks #TwoTailBones

Also, it appeared as if most of the horses actually took a: #PlaneToRio

To all the Eventers out there: #WaveToTheMedic #HandicapMichaelJung2020

For Dressage: #IsabellWerthIt #ValegroWasAlwaysGettingGold

Last but not least, our two hashtag ideas for Showjumping: #ItsNotAPlaneItsHHAzur #HereToMcClaimTheMedal

What’s the most important theme in all of this, though? Well, it’s quite simple! We want to see our beloved Equestrian sports in: #Tokyo2020! 

I am a 24 year old FEI dressage rider working toward a master's degree in conservation biology in central Florida.

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