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So, it’s been a bit since the last post on here. Juggling school, work, pony, and quite a few other things I’ve been busy. Which, unfortunately, means Bella’s been just hanging out being a pony. No news is typically good news, and since the barn owners aren’t as crazy horse parents as I am, they’re smart and will only call for true emergencies.

While that’s a good thing, it’s always a concern for me on what Bella’s getting herself into. She’s not really capable of sitting for more than a week at a time without finding some sort of way to scratch herself up. So I made it out and felt like a bad horse mom. She’s usually bothered by bug bites some, but I had hoped that the rain might have kept them from being too aggressive. While this could still be the case, she’s definitely having some reactions to them. Hives, itchy in places, and she somehow managed to scratch the underside of her jaw (on both sides).

I gave her a bath, smeared some goo on her scrapes and fly sprayed her. A brand new fly sheet (she tore her other one in half, thanks Bell) is on the way and we’re going to make an attempt at a fly mask again. Her sheet’s usually last her one to two years, the masks usually last about 5 minutes. Bella’s pretty opinionated about not wanting to wear those. But she had some hive like bumps on the fleshy area between her jaw bones so my assumption is, she’s getting eaten alive. I know what we’re all thinking, poor Princess has a horrible mom.

Goal is to attach the fly mask to her sheet to keep it on (or at least keep her from losing it). By the time that arrives I should be done with my summer class since I only have one more test to take. Between when I turned her out yesterday and when I went to fly spray her today, Bella threw a shoe. My ferrier said he’ll make it out tomorrow afternoon. I swear, this mare is not to be trusted when she’s not in work at least 3 days a week. I’m shocked it took her 2 weeks to throw, if I’m being honest.

Hopefully, this week, I’ll have time to sit down, talk to Michelle, and we’ll actually write up the post we’ve been mulling over about the barefoot vs. shod debate that seems to pop up quite often. Just a matter of time between her busy schedule and mine.

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