My Schedule is Finally Normal!

Okay so like, my job is awesome (finally got one after all that time so it better be awesome) but I came in at the absolute craziest time possible. So the past three/four weeks of my life have been nuts. But now, everything is back to normal and I’m even getting a few days off.

Since I got hired for my job I only managed to ride a few times. My first week working I was sick and pulling long hours to get caught up on what they had there, and get trained on my job. My second week I managed to ride a couple of days but then that too fell apart. My third week I rode on Monday and then not at all. This week though I’m doing much better! Sunday afternoon I rode before going in, Monday I worked basically all day (16 hours, no I’m not joking), Tuesday I got back on for “Flat Work Bootcamp” Day #2, continued onto Wed, and then today I actually had like a “moment” (despite Bella being really good). Since I was pretty emotionally done for the day I decided we needed to end on a good note and called it a day before I ruined anything.

With my depression and anxiety things can sometimes get a little hard to handle (please note: everything is going pretty well for me right now so I don’t have any reason to feel the way I do but it’s been a stressful year looking for a job that apparently the chemicals in my body are just all out of whack now). The mental illnesses also tend to make it really difficult to find the motivation to go do things I love, such as riding, so I’m really having to push myself right now to keep going out. The simple fact that I’ve gotten on 4 days this week is pretty awesome (sorry not sorry for being excited about that).

I’ve ridden Skipper once this week, so instead of doing updates on two ponies I’m just going to write up Bella’s update, complete with pictures and what we’ve worked on in the past 4 rides + what my plan is moving forward. I’m just excited to even be able to announce that my schedule is finally reasonable enough for me to finally be planning on riding consistently again. Bella’s seemed pretty happy about having a job again too, although I’m sure she just likes the kisses and grooming more than having do work.

Skipper’s one ride this week happened to be while a storm was blowing in.  Not my greatest idea.

Bella update is on the way, she’s just been such a rockstar she needs her own post before this gets too far out of hand.

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