Who’s the worst blogger ever?

That’s right! I am!

So brief re-cap of life since the last time I managed to actually get on and do an update:

  • Bella was going great and then she kicked her heel (damn those great movers).
  • Bella’s feet got sore (no shoes, kinda expected that).
  • Skipper doesn’t like to bend and he’s sucking back when I ask him to really push forward. Michelle was awesome and gave me some exercises to try.
  • Bella punctured her stifle because I gave her a couple of days off (go mare).
  • Vet came out for Bella’s fall shots and said her muscle tone looks great, she’s a perfect 5 on body score, and even asked if I had plans to compete her next year. Calling that a win.
  • I got to ride an adorable pony named Tannin who is like my new obsession. Going to try to alternate him with Skipper some since his mom told me I can ride him when I have the time.
  • Bella had a week off after her stifle puncture (it wasn’t horrible but she was def sore) and I rode her yesterday and she felt like a bomb ready to blow for about 15 minutes and then after some walking she put in some fantastic trot work and was amazing.
  • Bella sees the Chiropractor on Wed and then in another week will get shoes put back on.

Actual posts coming soon, until then, here’s some pictures!

Bella’s itty bitty puncture. Enough to make her a bit sore but never lame.

She’s currently hanging out in time-out with her bff.

I got brave and decided to pony her off of him, which worked out super well.

(I tried this in the pasture before we hit the trails.)



Here’s some Skipper transformation pictures. First day I rode him and one day last week. Pictures are almost exactly 4 months apart and I’ve probably only put about 2 months of rides on him so I’m so impressed with where he is right now.

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