California Wildfires: How to Help Horses, Owners, and Staff Affected

So before I write ANY update about myself and Bella or even a regular post about my opinion on how/why to do something I wanted to address the tragedies going on in California right now.

I have a lot of family in California, thankfully everyone is safe. My 94 year old grandfather was evacuated from his home in Ventura, CA and is safe. One of my uncles drove down from up north to pick him up and take him back up to where our family are. I’m currently praying that everything of his back in Ventura survives the fires.

Unfortunately others have not been as lucky as my grandfather. People have lost their homes, barns, and in some cases their horses. I’m sure you’ve all read about some of these tragedies, particularly the racehorses who have suffered during this time. It’s amazing to watch the equestrian community come together to support one another in a time like this.

Del Mar is stepping up in a huge way by offering their stabling to “anything with four legs” but in the mean time, people out in California need donations to help take care of these animals. I was going to do some research and compile a list of my own BUT because Eventing Nation already had taken the time to vet and compile a list I decided to just link to them instead.

I plan on donating finances myself as I don’t have any tack or equipment I can donate (I’ve already dispersed of all my un-used and unwanted items). However if you have anything at all to spare check out the list on who you can possibly send things to and please help out those who have lost everything in these fires.

The list from Eventing Nation can be found here. My heart is absolutely broken for everyone in California and I have never been so relieved to live somewhere where we had rain and snow alternating for the entire day. I’m definitely hugging Bella (and Skipper) a little tighter these days.

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