Nov: The Month of Jumping

So I haven’t jumped a whole lot since January. In fact by my estimation it’s probably been 10 times through out the year and most of that has been this fall. I spent a lot of time “weight training” with Bella and conditioning her. While I love to jump and flatwork is definitely not my favorite thing, there’s definitely a good reason to do flatwork so much of the time. Building up the muscle and body control on the flat rather than just jumping the legs off my horse is long run beneficial. Contrary to belief, you don’t NEED to jump a lot to get good over fences (shocker, right). But in November I jumped twice (whaaaat?)!  (Also, just so you know I jumped in December too because when an amazing opportunity pops up, you take it!)

So November 3rd I took Bella out with the intention of finally bumping the fences up to 3 ft. This had been my goal all year long, to be jumping that height again by the fall. I honestly could have probably done it back in September or October but I’m so cautious about Bella. I really want to make sure she was ready. That post is a little further down. BUT, even after thinking I was done jumping for the year, I figured out a time for Josh to come out and take some videos of me in the daylight so I could really get a good look at how we were going. I’m so glad I did this, I was completely blown away.

The first picture was our second time going through, first time on video (thanks Josh). The second and third pictures are both from the same jump. My reins got a little long and as a result I was focusing on riding her so that she wouldn’t just land and take off with me as she’s known to do. Overall I was SO pleased with her. I thought my legs could have been a little more stable but because my stirrups were a hole longer than I normally like them I forgave myself. I was pleased with my release, my upper body, everything really. I obviously got a little “looky” in those second pictures and that’s something I still need to work on BUT my upper body isn’t super twisted to look in that direction so I’m going to let that slide too. I’m honestly just so proud of where we are considering where we came from. I know I’ve posted it before but I’m going to repost a photo line up of my year jumping in another post coming up so you can really see the progression. Because baby girl is BACK!

I honestly contribute so much of this to Smartpak’s SMART Tranquility btw. Anyone think they’d let me be an ambassador for just that supplement? I will sing it’s praises until the day my horse decides to stop being an anxious hot mess without it.

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2 thoughts on “Nov: The Month of Jumping

  1. These look great! I think you’re totally right you dont ned to jump the legs off your horses to get good at jumping, your horse knows how to jump! What sort of “weight training” do you do with Bella?

    1. Primarily Dressage but I also try to hack out quite often to keep her from getting too intense when she knows we’re going to ride. Over the winter I used to like to give her a full month off but she’s taken that right away from herself by being so injury prone when she sits and gets bored. So we do a lot of trails and just getting out and walking around up and down as many hills as I can find. Most of our rides are spent focusing on Dressage and building up the muscles. I also really like Dressage for her since she’s typically a tense ride it helps to focus her and channel that energy into something so productive and beneficial. Where I am I don’t see as many jumpers, hunters, or really any non-eventers focusing nearly enough on their Dressage work. For me it helps to think of it as “weight training” because it helps me tolerate it a little bit more. Rather than thinking of it as just flat work if I think of it in terms of helping her sit back better, carry herself better, and building up those muscles through specific training then I’m much happier doing it! I’d love to jump ALL the time but I know better and so I’ve taught myself how to avoid even thinking about it. 😉

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