Essay on how riding can cause and effect pain in the back and pelvis.

Disclaimer, I was writing this for an audience who knew nothing about horses except that they were big (my college writing class) and so I wasn’t able to really touch on every single point of this issue. I did however feel pretty proud of this when I turned it in and it helped me walk out with an A for the class.

I do touch on how different saddles and certain disciplines can change how a rider may or may not end up with pain. If anyone has questions I still have all of the research articles I printed out for this (including the ones that didn’t actually get used as sources) and I can at least give you the names and authors, although I was able to access them through my school so I’m not sure if the Journals actually have provided public copies of them or not.

As someone who has suffered for a very long time with both hip and back pain I was really interested to check out this subject when we were told we could research our own topics (in the second class I had to take for English I wrote about anxiety, which was also an essay I was proud of).

My pain is managed with regular chiropractic visits, massages, and working out (which I have been very slack on recently). Since I began the chiropractic work almost two years ago and the massages around a year ago I have noticed a massive difference in my pain levels and in my riding. I’m finally more fluid in areas where I wasn’t before and have even been able to successfully work on my sitting trot for the first time in years without giving up because of pain.

This isn’t the longest essay in the world but a solid seven pages with a works cited page so make sure you’ve got time.

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Also, shout out to Bella for letting me put a western saddle on her for the first time since she was a baby.

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