Working Vacation: Part 3

Finally! The end of a three part series you didn’t even want!

So after jumping the way we did I realized that to ride through the winter I needed to just suck it up and body clip my horse. Poor Bella. In every sense of the word. Kid hasn’t been clipped in 4 years and I hadn’t clipped a horse in 3. I ended up deciding not to clip her legs or her face (you’re welcome Punk) and just do the body. She’s got a few blankets so she can wear something no matter what the weather (right now she’s got 2 thanks to the snow on the ground).

I really didn’t know what to expect with her hearing and feeling clippers again after so long but I’m not sure why. At two and a half, the first time I body clipped her, she was an absolute gem for everything but her face. This time, same story. I ended up starting on her shoulder, which I normally don’t do, just to leg her barrel and hindquarters finish drying off (a cooler and an hour and a half after her bath she was still damp).

Everyone always seems to think I’m kidding when I say that she basically doesn’t grow a winter coat. So, here’s the proof. I’m definitely NOT joking.

When it was all said and done, this was literally the full amount of hair that had come off of my girl. It’s pathetic. This is why she wears blankets during the winter. She literally would be so so skinny without it. She’d shiver off every bit of weight she’s got (considering she’s at a healthy weight and not at all obese).

Saturday night she got clipped, Sunday morning she hung out on her own. When I got there I tried to tidy up my clip job (I really should have changed out the blades but I was using my friend’s clippers and blades so I didn’t want to abuse the gift). Her clip job is still horrible, BUT SHE IS SO PRETTY!

Meet my silver child. If I wasn’t on my computer there would be 100 billion heart eye emojis right now. No lie. I’m obsessed. Bella however does not seem to be as amused as I am. I imagine she’s going to be much happier working like this, especially if the temps jump back to 60ies (I clip my horse and then temperatures PLUMMETED, typical). I have a quarter sheet that I’ll be digging out and taking advantage of again, and Bella has plenty of blankets. She’s currently out in her “turtle neck” that she’s had for a few years and super pleased about it.


Especially after we got some snow.



So this is SO late. Tomorrow (12/17) I’ll be coming home from the beach so keep a lookout for that post in the upcoming week! I am so excited to share pictures and the experience of taking my wild child out to check out some sand and surf. Thanks for reading along.

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