Beach Trip: Day 2

Well now that the holidays are over I’m going to try to post things in a more timely manner. Because 2 weeks after I’ve done something makes it hard to remember all the details… and where I left off on the last post.

IMG_5397Day 2 started fairly early but we took some time to wake-up, recover from the night before, and pack up the truck so we could head home after our second ride. We had a breakfast of champions (by which I mean pop tarts and mini donuts). Tacking up was a breeze and before long we were headed back out onto the beach for our second adventure.

The horses were all ready to go and the moment we hoped up we were all ready to head out letting the horses get warmed up and settling in to enjoy the scenery.


With the tide out we had a lot more room on the beach to ride which was super nice. Where the water had been the day before actually turned out to be some of the better footing for the horses. Not too firm but definitely not as soft as the dry stuff which I really appreciated. We even got to get some fun slow-mo videos through the shallow water (because why not) and I grabbed some screen caps from that.

While the first day was more taking I the view and looking around the second day was definitely more GO. The horses were ready for it too and while I held Bella back as much as I could there came a point where Monkey wasn’t happening it and just wanted to blow the doors off everyone.  When baby girl wants to run who am I to say no? Certainly not the one holding the reins or anything.

So the super cool thing out here was the “wild” cows. They’re free range but they’re owned by a guy so they’re not like… legitimately wild I guess? Anyways, there are less now than there were because a few came up onto where the people live and started messing with stuff. The owners of the resort we stayed at told us that it took a good chunk of the day (I think they said like 5 hours) to tranq and load up those several cows and take them off to put them in a fenced in area. However there are still some that live out there. The pictures above are the ones we saw on our first day out and about (check out the old hunting cabin thing too).

Day two were were just moving along at a good clip when what would pop up on a hill close by? More COWS! It was absolutely insane! The ponies we were keeping an eye out for! The cows? Not so much!


Daw two also brought us a bald eagle sighting (which we didn’t get pictures of), more wild ponies, and an accidental encounter with quicksand (no lie, thankfully we’re all okay). We went all the way to the furthest point again and it was absolutely gorgeous. Getting in a couple of good gallops on the way back to enjoy our last taste of freedom before we headed home back to our real lives.

Bella loaded a little better for the trip home (I got home and then spent the next two weeks working on her trailer loading and she’s doing much better now). We didn’t stop (that I know of) on the way back and I will admit I was so exhausted I slept at least an hour on the way home and then J picked me up from the barn and drove me home where I promptly went right back to sleep.


The trip was amazing and I cannot even fully detail the sights or events but these were mostly picture posts anyways. The fun album is going up on the TSE FB page. I cannot wait to go back and I’m so happy that my friend Danielle invited me along and so grateful to the Cedar Island Resort team for being so welcoming to us and so great to work with. This was such a fun experience and now I’m not sure what else to put on my “riding bucket list” because this was basically all that was left.

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