2018 Goals

I don’t really believe in resolutions because I don’t believe that from December 31st to January 1st you’re going to magically find the willpower to be someone entirely new. If you’re going to do that you’ll do it mid-year when you’re really ready for a change. I do however believe in goals that you want to reach during a certain time period. In this case the 365 days of 2018. But first, what were my goals for last year?

  • I got Bella back into shape and began riding regularly again.
  • I jumped 3ft in the fall like I had hoped, and then I jumped 3’6″ this winter.

I didn’t really have a lot of ambition for 2017. I wanted to enjoy what I was doing again, bring Bella back into work and get to a place where I felt comfortable with her fitness level. 2018 though, I’ve got bigger goals and more of them.

  • Start taking lessons again (first lesson was yesterday, can’t wait to go back even though it was a slight failure on my part).
  • Show Bella at least once (preferably in a jumper show but hunters maybe depending on how I feel about it).
  • Get back to where I feel comfortable jumping stirrup-less and/or bareback.

I’m sure as the year goes on there will be more goals but the biggest one here for me is to take consistent lessons again. I am really happy with where my riding is and how far I’ve come on my own but I also want to improve. I am not scared to work hard and I’m not scared to work on my own but no matter how hard you do it you will always have bad habits unless you have eyes on the ground to check you and remind you when you’re doing things wrong so you can fix them. The only way to fix things is to re-learn the feel for it and that is one thing that I need to do in lessons. This is going to be horrible frustrating for me, without a doubt, but I’m really pleased with the trainer I worked with yesterday and I’m really excited about the potential to continue on.

26 year old equestrian keeping busy and moving forwards.

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