Bad Horse Sale Ads

So I’ve been asked to do one of these by a few people. I’m hoping to turn it into a fun learning experience though. 😉

I did my best to find fairly amusing ads because, lets be honest here, Craigslist horse sales can range from anywhere from reasonable to downright confusing! People sell horses based on a wide variety of things that don’t always actually help a horse being sold. Or, more often, leave out information that most people would find absolutely necessary to include in a horse sale ad.

(I’ve also been asked to write up a horse shopping checklist for people so that’ll be coming up in a follow up post!)



Hopefully you’re able to read the text but the text isn’t really the most important part here. The biggest thing that struck me was the fact that this was definitely, and obviously, not a mare. I did circle the proof but you may need to blow the image back up to actually view it.

This is either a stallion or a gelding, which is fine… but the ad says it’s a mare. Someone is going to be very disappointed if they show up thinking they’e looking for a mare.

I would, personally, advise anyone who’s banking on that passport situation to ask to see it and compare it to the horse first. Also, as you should always do when buying, have a vet come out and do a PPE to verify age and health issues.

The personality description helps but there’s no mention of training under saddle (or lack thereof), there’s no information on anything really that someone would want to know when looking for a horse to ride. The picture provided also makes it incredibly hard view confirmation and judge accurately (although considering this is not a mare, I’m not sure t hat really matters anymore).

IMG_5738Well, I can’t really see the pony so there’s not much for me to say here other than, I can’t see the pony. Even in the previous two pictures (not selected because I’m not featuring the people, just the ads) you can’t see much of the pony. In one the little girl is sitting on him so we can assume he’s at least broke as a lead-line pony. On the other hand, it’s a stallion, for $1,200, and while they say it has papers until I have proof it has papers I tend to be skeptical (sorry, not sorry).

Anyone who knows mini ponies knows that they tend to have some teeth issues, and there can be other physical complications with being that small. If I was shopping for a mini, without being able to even get a decent view at the conformation of this little guy I would be scrolling right on past.




That’s it, that’s the entire ad. This one at least does appear to be a mare! That’s pretty freaking awesome. They do show a picture of the registration paper (as long as it matches this horse) so that’s a benefit to this ad. Although I’m not a huge fan of the conformation here and I’m not thrilled to see the price or the fact that she’s being marketed as a broodmare with literally no reference to her credentials (sorry, good bloodlines are not my idea of credentials and I’m not even well versed enough in the Friesian world to know if she’s got good lines or not). Blood mare is a comment term for horses of good stock/breed and it’s commonly used in the TB world but I cannot comment on that in this situation. Either way, the details left out of this post merely turn me away from it.

That’s it, that’s the entire ad. I’m going to just let this pass without a paragraph about it.

siibpicOkay, so the picture he chose to put as the first one up? I’m not a fan. Honestly, my opinion of this gelding is that he’s probably a well rounded broken in saint. The ad itself isn’t worded terribly. I get the main points of this.

  • Tough horse.
  • Loads, stands for Ferrier (hopefully the vet too).
  • Trail rides well.
  • No bad vices (doesn’t mention rearing but we’ll assume he doesn’t do that either based off the picture).
  • Probably more for an intermediate to advanced rider since he’s quick.
  • Good lines, registered (again, ask for papers if you see him).

So not the worst ad but those pictures make me weary of him anyways because is he going to have vices under saddle from that sort of riding? The conformation pictures (which you can’t really see) are actually fairly decent and overall while things could have been done better and posted better, this ad still isn’t going to make me buy this horse.

IMG_5746Six years old. Look at her back & build. Six years old. I’m not sure if I want to rant about the sale ad or end up in a tangent about breeding thanks to this one. Overall, most of the pictures give the impression that this mare was peeing when they were taken OR that she’s got far more issues than the sway back developing here None of the pictures give a good side or front view but from what I see here, she’s built down hill (which I personally am not a fan of).

The deal here is the fact that you’re getting the horse, and all of her gear! $1,000 OBO isn’t bad actually and I’d probably buy the horse just for her gear and let her hang out retired (if I had the money, I do not).

Overall, I don’t think she’s in the worst shape weight wise. But the pictures are horrible, the add has several misspelled words (guessing English could possibly be a second language here), and I would be worried about possible health issues down the road.


IMG_5741I don’t care if your horse does have great lines, these pictures are horrible. The good pictures are the ones of the parents and while I do understand that Warmblood babies are literally horrendous to look at as yearlings, you’ve got to provide better pictures than the ones above. In fact, because Warmbloods are so awkward in their younger years you have to work twice as hard to post good pictures. Don’t just slap up the ones that you have.

Based off this trot picture alone I was turned away from the ad, regardless of the fact that she’s supposedly got such great lines. Do I think she’s always going to be that awkward looking? Nope, sure don’t. Do I want to buy her and take the risk on a yearling based off of these images? Nope, sure don’t. Considering their brag of the lines and the line thrown in about the dam being such a good breeding farm, I would expect to see better from this ad.


So what’s my checklist for posting sale advertisements?


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Under saddle experience (or at least some sort of discipline information, even if you’re just saying that it’s not broke, whatever).
  • Show record? Has it ever been in the ring at all?
  • Does the horse wear shoes? Fronts? All around? Heads up.
  • SUGGESTED EXPERIENCE LEVEL TO HANDLE/RIDE.  – I am so serious about this. If I’m a beginner looking for a bomb proof horse do not lead me on with the idea that your fire breathing dragon is appropriate for me.
  • Disclose all vices: and be honest! Don’t hide the fact a horse bucks or kicks, honestly I’m not really scared of either. I had to break Bella out of rearing, bolting, etc. The right person for your horse will take them vices and all (and yes disclose cribbing because it is 100% a vice that someone needs to be aware of).
  • GOOD PICTURES! Nice, clean, conformation shots on LEVEL ground! I want to be able to see the feet, legs, everything. I want level ground so I can view the actual build of the horse. If there are not good pictures you’re going to get me to consider your horse.
    • Bonus pictures (and things I will ask to see before coming out to view the horse): Under saddle pictures, if they jump I want jumping shots (literally same with whatever discipline, I want to see it), at liberty pictures of the horse being a horse are also really nice to see because it allows me (aka the potential buyer) to see the horse without tack.
    • Super Bonus (and also something I will probably ask to see): VIDEOOOOS. General flat work, jumping, driving, IDC what it is. If you say the horse does it, I’d like proof please. 🙂
  • If it’s registered a picture doesn’t hurt, if you’re not comfortable with that at least be prepared to show me when I come look at the horse. I bought Bella un-registered and I’m okay with that but I’m told a horse is registered then I expect to be taking home those papers with the horse.
  • Price! (Duh.) Posting your asking price, if it’s negotiable (and it should ALWAYS be negotiable), or posting the trades that you’ll accept. If you make me message you to ask about it then I’m just going to not bother because I’m not interested in finding out after investing time that you’re asking way too much for it.


I’ll be honestly, I totally feel like I’m forgetting something on this list, or a few somethings. So what’s on your list?

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