Show Countdown


First two pictures are 2011 hunter shows, middle top is 2012 hunter walk/trot prizes, middle bottom is 2014 jumper show, far right is 2014 after our classes with my mom.

Exactly 13 days from today I’ll be walking Bella into the ring at a schooling show!  Range of emotions is currently ranging from insanely excited to be headed to our first show since 2014 to petrified and hoping the show itself gets snowed out and pushed back, or even that I don’t ride until March! It’s pretty messed up, but I am clinging to that excitement with everything I have. I love my horse, I love competing, and even if we are going to a Hunter Schooling show, it’s better than nothing at all and it’s a huge step toward my overall goal of a rated (on any level) jumper show.

So currently I’m working on my show prep. This consisted of two lists, things I want to do and things I need to do!

Things I want to do…

  • Re-clip Bella
  • Trailer over to practice once

Things I need to do…

  • Ride 3 to 4 days a week leading up to the show.
  • Practice loading the day or night before.
  • Buy and test her in a Pelham bit
  • Make sure I have a clean outfit to ride in.

Re-clipping just isn’t going to happen, sorry mare you’re going over looking like a scraggly unloved mare. I’ve got the confirmation on the trailer I’m going to borrow and she said I can borrow it through the end of the month if I really want to (seriously, my old boss is a blessing and I’m so grateful for all the help she’s provided me over the years). So, trailering over to practice is currently planned for the Monday the week before the show.

The Pelham has to happen. I can’t show her in my elevator since it’s not technically legal in hunters. I can’t shower in my D-ring because Punk has not a care in the world when it’s in her mouth (I tried riding her in it this past Friday and even with me hauling back, asking her to stop in every way possible she was just cantering around like life was grand). Just searched 4 sites for a 5 3/4″ Pelham (why is this size so hard to find?) found 2 but they were both like $80, one was out of stock, and the other was rubber. Finally found one on Horseloverz (yo, Smartpak what gives?) for under $50. Not only is it the right size but it’s NOT rubber AND it’s a French link (holy grail of Pelhams apparently). It’s ordered and should be here before the end of the week ($64 later – god I’m glad J doesn’t read this blog).

Clean outfit is taken care of (gee, thanks Dover).

So this really just leaves the fact that I need to ride consistently for the next few days…. and yet the weather conspires against me.

I did use Bella to teach yesterday (shout out to Jen who braved getting on the mare) and that was great. I think it was actually not just solid for Jen to ride her but it was great for Bella too so I’m excited that happened. Hopefully her brain will still be happy go lucky when I get on her (tomorrow, rain or shine).



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  1. ahahhhhhhh I’m so excited you get to go play show pony again!! I’m tempted to send Florian to watch on my behalf, but I think he’s down at Stableview the next couple weeks.

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