Show Prep Rides

Bella & Jax on Wednesday before our hack.

Well, today was supposed to be a ride day. Thanks to my busy schedule Bella is pretty firmly scheduled in for rides on the days where I can make it out there. Fridays have always been one of her days. Unfortunately for us both today I’m not feeling well. This for sure puts a bit of a kink in my plans as I’ve been determinedly taking it easy on her this past week.

Tuesday we basically went through a flat class in the pasture. Just ran through a warm-up really quickly and then ran through a walk-trot-canter in both directions and called it a day. We had some wind kicking up and Bella was not happy about the cold temperatures. However, aside from some angry head shakes, she held it together and trucked along like a good pony. She was up in more of a dressage frame than any Hunter judge will ever want to see but I’m not worried about it. My goals are low for this show.

Wednesdays I take Jax to work with me and so to reward him, provide him with some entertainment, and get out all his energy before we make the long drive back home, I’ve started hacking out with Bella so he can go bomb around in the trees. It’s fun for all three of us, and Bella actually seems really cool with having Jax out there with us. He even came running up from behind us a couple of times and (the well behaved pony she is) Bella paid him no mind. We didn’t canter at all but I did get some nice stretchy trot out of her which made me happy.

Thursdays I’m supposed to have class but guess who started feeling reaaaaal crummy around lunchtime? That’s right! This girl. So no class. I came home and hopped straight into bed.

Today, not feeling any better, I called out of work (and I did work from home some) and just tried to rest up. Goal is that I don’t actually get super sick and I’m good for this weekend. Tomorrow is actually my birthday and I’m already grumpy because this seems to be a repeat of when I got sick last year. I had some 24 hour bug, poor J got it but in the 48 hour version. Right now we’re both just determined to keep our lives together so that this doesn’t turn into a huge mess.

Skipping todays ride is a little stressful though. I’d hoped to try Bella in her new bit (which also hasn’t shown up yet so uh, I’m stressing) before I jumped her in it. Monday was supposed to be the day I took her to school jumps at the farm I used to manage (where we’ll also be attending the schooling show) but if I don’t have the bit in time, honestly it might just not even be worth it to trailer over Monday which means the schedule for the rest of my week might be completely thrown off.

Perfect example of how you can plan, plan, plan and still when it comes down to the wire not be prepared enough for things to pop up. Although, in all fairness, my planning doesn’t leave much room for any extra things to hold me up. I’m definitely shaking my head in disgust at all of this right now. But I’m still feeling okay about things.

My goals for the show are really to not have Bella bolt with me, not blow my leads, and to get around the 3-4 courses without too much fighting. She’s been really good over jumps since she started the SMART Tranquility by Smartpak and right now my only concern is what bit I’m going to use. It’s a schooling show and theoretically the farm owner doesn’t care if I show in my elevator, but if someone else complains then I’d likely be asked to ride in something else. I need the Pelham to get here so I can just avoid all of that completely… because if it doesn’t get here I’m going to have to ride in my d-ring and I can just kiss goals #1 and #3 goodbye.

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