“Don’t you got sense to get out of the rain?”

I think it’s safe to say that most people prefer close to optimal conditions when trying something new on their horse. By optimal of course I mean decent weather. Not 40ies, windy, and raining (not sprinkling, raining). I however, am not most people.

Despite having flu like symptoms on Friday (J dragged me to the doctor on my birthday and she determined it was likely just a virus, particularly since I was already feeling much better), I decided that I had to ride today. Tomorrow is when I’m hauling over to go jump school so I needed to get at least one ride in with the new bit before then.

The elevator arrived on Friday, after I posted, and so I was able to take that with me. I got converters for it since it is a Pelham and I don’t want to ride with double reins. Today I headed out (risking my health and all) to put it on Bella and just see how things went. I’ve gone between a D-Ring and an Elevator with Bella for years so putting something completely new in her mouth has been a bit stressful for me, but overall I’m not displeased with the experience.

img_6190Bella on the other hand, not so thrilled. She definitely did not want to go out for a ride today but she hung out while I tacked her up, Skipper peeked over my shoulder and wanted to be close (although he did not want me to pet him lest I decide he should go for a workout instead). I put together the bridle first and put it on before I did anything else to give her time to adjust, not that she seemed to be too upset by it all.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with her. Especially since I couldn’t lunge her in it first with the ground as wet as it is. I was hopping on blind (although, I mean, why not? right?).

I will say that on the way out, Fleming (the farm owner) saw me and his reaction was priceless.

Have you lost your mind? Don’t you got enough sense to get out of the rain?

Sure Fleming, soon as I get my ride in. 😉

Bella and I didn’t stay out long, just long enough for me to get some trot work out of her (poor attempts at bending since she was pretty angry about the wind and doing her best to avoid it all) and then quick canters on both leads (again, she was angry about the wind and rain). I even broke the cardinal rule and let her canter toward home (I’ll trot part of the way back some but I always make her stop before we get too close so it doesn’t become a habit). She got a little quick (definitely wanted to get back under her shelter) but I was able to slow her down without having to pull back too much. So overall I’m calling the bit a success for today. Obviously the real key is to see how she jumps in it tomorrow. Either way, I’m just really excited about how things went today.

T-Minus 6 days until show day now!

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