Ramble Time

So despite the crummy weather here in NC (and basically everywhere, yes I get that) I feel like I’ve had a fairly productive week. Honestly, I’m glad I’m blogging again and I’m glad I was able to talk to some friends about pony stuff. It really helped get my brain back in motion and let’s be honest, that’s the most important thing when riding & training.

Bella’s had the entire week off, the weather has sucked, but she got her strangles vaccine yesterday so she is officially done with the vet for this spring! Hopefully we don’t have to see my (amazing) vet until the fall because as sweet as she is, vet bills are no horse owners favorite thing.

However, I’ve got to say that when I turned her back out, seeing her gallop off and actually throw a couple of bucks was awesome. I’ve spent so much time worrying about her being uncomfortable, I can at least be a little assured she’s not too bad off right now. Only 6 more days until she gets checked out by the chiropractor though! Home stretch!

In other news, I got invited to go to the local equestrian exchange here in my area by two of my favorite equestrian girls. (Hey J, hey C, Idk if y’all are reading but what’s up?) The sale is super cool here, it happens every 6 months, it’s a huge consignment sale. It used to happen in Charlotte in the spring, which is like two hours away, and then in Raleigh in the fall, so I always attended that one. I’ve gotten so many good items there with a huge price drop most of the time (bargain hunter). Sometimes you even find things brand new, in the package, it’s really cool.

I showed up to hang out, and offer input on some English gear as they’re both currently picking up the second discipline to play around with. It’s been really fun so far to work with them, I’ve done a few lessons with them each and I’m so honored they’ve asked for my help and input (they have super cute ponies and honestly, I need to blog about that at some point as they’ve given me permission). I also showed up for myself as I still have a few things that I want in my training arsenal that I just don’t have. Okay, just kidding there are a lot of tings I want but not a lot left that I need as Bella isn’t a baby anymore. I’ll get to those items when I work on getting my next baby horse to break (J, the boyfriend, finally agreed to a second horse when he graduates law school).

I showed up specifically looking for these things:

  1. Lunging sytem (like the Pessoa, even though I didn’t really anticipate one being sold).
  2. Jumping bridle with a padded crown piece (pony or cob size, didn’t really expect to find this either).
  3. More breeches (no, I don’t need more, I’m up to like 20 pairs thanks to Michelle).
  4. More riding shirts (always need these, I’m on some riding dressed more professionally kick, sue me).

What I walked away with:

  1. Dover neck stretcher (score).
  2. New girth (fleece lined, I have a leather one – I have no clue if this will fit but it was reasonably priced & looked almost brand new).
  3. New reins (because I always forget that I want shorter reins until I get on).
  4. Four new riding shirts (all polos, all super cute).
  5. Five equestrian books (because…. you always need more books amiright?).

The books are something I’m crazy excited about. One book on unlocking horse potential (like I don’t have multiples already), one book on becoming a better rider, one book on fixing issues with horses/ponies, another book that seems more general, and then a book on how to be a better riding instructor (because self improvement is important).

Good news is I obviously have Bella to blog about as I figure out what’s going on with her, my own growth and development, not to mention I’m really excited to see where J’s pony is at when he comes home from training and get to work with her again (it’s been a few weeks with bad weather & now Bella’s brain fart is hindering too). Christi is working on learning how to jump, she’s got a super cute Paint gelding, so that’ll be buckets of fun to get back to soon. But in the mean time, here are some pictures.


J & Bella during one of her lessons. Bella’s rather picky about her mouth so seeing her work so well with J was honestly so rewarding for me. This was J’s second lesson on her and she’s only had a handful of rides with me total… she’s definitely a quick learner.

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1 thought on “Ramble Time

  1. I have loved our lessons and am so glad that you are able to help my pony and me develop our relationship and my own personal riding skills. It’s been an honor to get to ride Bella she is an amazing horse and you are an amazing rider and horse owner to have done so much work with her. It amazes me that you have had her since she was 2 years old and have basically taught her everything she knows. This past weekend at the hunter pace was a true Testament to your relationship with her. I look forward to more lessons and future rides. What I look forward to most of all is to our friendship developing even further. If you ever need an ego boost, a reminder of how awesome you are, or simply a friend to lend an ear … I’m here.

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