Trusting Yourself

I know for a fact I’ve said this to multiple friends. As a horse’s owner, particularly when you’ve owned that horse for several years or more, you know that particular horse better than anyone else. While someone might have owned that horse longer,  horses change and so in that moment you know your horse. Period. Full stop. Accept it.

So, knowing that, I’d like to know why the heck I have such trouble remembering that advice when it comes to myself?

img_7381Yep, this is absolutely about Bella’s chiropractor appointment and being weird and how I was totally right in thinking something was wrong with her. We did come to the conclusion that it was likely a little bit of her being fresh and also being uncomfortable though. She was certainly settled again this week and even when I did ask her to trot she was much more on her game than she had been.

Overall she was good for her appointment. Shifted her hips away from the doc both times she went to climb up onto her block and check them, but Bella doesn’t like mounting blocks or anything resembling one (I’ve kinda just accepted this is going to be a weird quirk and as long as she doesn’t take off, she’s good). Her left hip was the major issue, which is also the one out after our beach-quicksand incident. Her chiropractor said that it was pretty out though so that left me wondering why it popped up the way it did.

My conclusion is that because she sat for two weeks (the week before I went on vacation, and then obviously the week I was gone) that she ended up getting a little cold backed. When I came home she was not only fresh but she’d had time for everything to settle and get really tight which led to us fighting all week because she was letting me know she was having a lot of trouble doing what she knew she was supposed to be doing.

This is why I hate when people automatically jump to “bad horse” when I get whiny about Bella and when she’s acting a little naughty. Because so often there is something going on with her and I need to determine what it is. (Also, this is not just Bella. Stop thinking “bad horse” and start thinking “well crap, what’s going on” and you will find a bit more harmony in your life.)

She had a little something in her neck but through her back where the saddle sits was good to go, I still haven’t had that saddle fitted for her but obviously if her back is doing well and she’s going well in it, I’m good. As her shape changes it’s totally possible that I will need to take her and have it fitted but Bella will let me know, and then my chiropractor will confirm it.

If you horse doesn’t see a chiropractor, invest in it! It has saved me so much time, so much heartache, and it’s one of the best things I could have ever possibly started for her. Horses naturally get into trouble in the pasture, they slip and fall, they get a little stuck, and as you ride and train their shape changes and issues arise. Chiropractic work literally saved Bella. It’s 110% worth it. But overall, once you start it and once you get your horse in that perfect state where you know what they should feel like when they’re all aligned, you’ll start to notice when they’re out. I might not be able to 100% tell you where or how but I know when she’s just not “right.” I know my horse, I know when I need to have someone out to check her over.

After that appointment I realized just how important it s for me to trust my instinct and not worry that I’m going to call a professional out for a situation that doesn’t require one.

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2 thoughts on “Trusting Yourself

  1. I always like to look for a physical reason for not so good behavior or a problem. Absolutely! Give the horse the benefit of the doubt. I have chiro and massage done on my horse. It’s a good investment in my opinion.

    1. I’ve been looking into massage for her a lot but I just need the funds to do it first and we’ve got some other things we’re checking into. Pet peeve of mine is definitely when people just blame the horse without ever looking for an underlying problem! Bella’s been seeing her chiro. since she was 3, maybe 4 years old. Best thing ever. Only time she went without was when I took six months off and let her just hang out and be a horse.

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