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threeOver the weekend I was lucky enough to haul Bella 3 hours to the beach for a photoshoot with my favorite photographer. Heidi did a shoot with Bella and I last summer so when she posted a call for anyone interested in doing a horse on the beach I was so down for this it wasn’t funny.

Obviously Bella has had some beach experience since we went down to Cedar Island (Southern OBX) over the winter, but that was sound side experience. Yesterday the shoot was out on the beach, waves and all. We went to Emerald Isle and one of the beach access points that allows horses. It wasn’t too bad but it was really interesting to be unloading her in a literal neighborhood.

Unlike the last time we went to the beach Bella took an hour to load, this time she gave me a minute or two of sniffing the trailer before she hopped in. From there we were able to simply hit the road. J worked on law school stuff (quick shoutout to him for driving down with me despite having exams in a couple of weeks) and I drove for the first half of the trip. He took over and got us down to the beach after we stopped for gas.

About fifteen minutes from where we were going to be shooting it started raining, J got a onelittle annoyed thinking I wasn’t going to be able to do it (haha, jokes on him I’ll ride in the rain, I don’t care). It basically sprinkled until I got Bella off of the trailer and then suddenly, nothing was coming down. Definitely meant to be!

Pulled her off, quickly ran a brush over her, and then we were on our way down to the beach. Honestly, Bella never ceases to surprise me at how well she handles new situations. Nicknamed “Punk” for a reason, I can honestly say she leaves that crap at home and goes out well almost every single time I take her somewhere these days. I was so impressed with how well she handled the new environment, children playing on the beach, dogs, a big tent set up, vehicles. Just about the only thing she wasn’t a huge fan of was the waves, and honestly I can’t blame her!


Having something coming up and then retreating back out on that sort of level would probably make any horse think twice, let alone a horse who’s actually experienced quicksand (and would definitely not like to do it again). It took some time but we did eventually get her in, and we did eventually get some amazing photos. We’ll do one more shoot this year in July, for Bella’s tenth birthday, but then I’ll stop with the “trophy wife” stuff (as J calls it) for a while. But before that I’m hoping to haul Bella to a show next month and get out and about again, as long as life calms back down some.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite action shots!

Photos are by the amazing Heidi Bee Photography. I have purchased these for my own use, they are not to be cropped or used anywhere by anyone other than myself. If you are interested in having her do work for you, please visit her website for more information! I highly recommend her as she is always a pleasure to work with and doesn’t only do equine shoots.
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