The #LRK3DE Conclusion!

Final day of the LRK3DE and I was surprised at the 4 horses who would not be joining the rest of the field in going around the stadium today. Paddy the Caddy ridden by Erin Sylvester was eliminated while three others were simply withdrawn. Landioso ridden by Mackenna SheaAP Prime ridden by Leah Lang-Gluscic, and Covert Rights ridden by Colleen Rutledge. Hopefully these horses, as well as the others who were eliminated previously are fine and will be back out at the next event!

We’ll talk about my feelings on RF Scandalous passing even with blood on her mouth after cross-country. It’s not the first instance Marilyn Little has had this sort of issue. For now they’re remaining on my favorite eight dressage tests. Onto those, this is how each of them finished overall:

  • Boyd Martin on Tsesterleg: 11th
  • Michael Jung on fischerRocana FST: 2nd
  • Elisa Wallace on Simply Priceless: Out of the top 20.
  • Will Coleman on Tight Lines:  12th
  • Christopher Burton on Nobilis 18: 9th
  • Pawel Spisak on Banderas: 15th
  • Marilyn Little on RF Scandalous: 3rd
  • Lynn Symansky on Donner: 6th
  • Oliver Townend on Cooley Master Class: 1st


Elisa Wallace who is one of my favorite riders not just favorite eventers was the first up out of my eight to go out. Unfortunately she and Simply Priceless had a rough go of it today with multiple rails down.

Will Coleman and Tight Lines were not only the second clear round of the day but they also were the first to finish on their Dressage score. Unfortunately then Pawel Spisak and Banderas had a rail down. Banderas is still one of my new favorite horses though and I can’t wait to see them back here (hopefully next year). After that, we had a few clear rounds in a row. For my other new favorite horses, Tsesterleg and Boyd Martin they also had a rail down and ended up dropping by 4 places. Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class rocked out and finished on their dressage score. Cooley Master Class is a first time 4* horse. If this is what he’s going to do his first time out at this level, I’m insanely excited for the rest of his career!

Shock of the day for me was when Michael Jung and fisherRochana FST brought down a rail. This would have been fourth year that this pair had won, and having seen them lead the pack going into today I was honestly expecting them to. However this did mean that Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class won! A first time for the horse at the 4* level and he helped “Oli” take home the win on a competition he’s been chasing for a very long time. I can’t wait to see this pair out again soon as they chase the Grand Slam achievement!

Overall I’m pretty proud that all but one of my picks ended up finishing, and finishing in the top 15 as well! Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless certainly had a rough stadium round but it’s so easy to say that while sitting behind my computer and just looking at the atmosphere there. I think that’s one thing as an “at home spectator” that we can never really get. Just the atmosphere, the tension, and the incredible efforts made to compete well.

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