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So with Jax not feeling well (great news, it wasn’t what we were originally worried about but now we have to explore other avenues), and then being busy at work, stressed with J taking exams for his first year of law school (go babe, go!) I’ve not really actually posted much about what’s been going on with Bella and I. So for a short recap of the past week and some change…

We moved barns! I moved before the month was over but that was to ensure I could get back to riding ASAP. Bella had a couple of chill weeks, luckily your horse doesn’t get out of shape instantly. I packed up my car (all but the saddle and trunk in the top right) the night before we moved. The day of all I had to do was throw the saddle and trunk (and my riding gear, forgot about that) into the truck & trailer and load up.

We didn’t head straight to the new-old farm though (refresher: we moved back to the farm where I managed for five years so this is familiar territory for Bella and I), instead we went out on a hunter pace with J(2) and C!

I love riding with these ladies because the definitely just get it with Bella when she’s being a bit of a punk. Poor J(2) on the Tan-Man riding with two bigger horses with a bit more get-up-and-go in the tanks. The pony is one of my favorite horses ever. He’s got such a fun brain. C and Jake were out to have fun and (hopefully) walked away with some confidence about jumping some scarier looking natural jumps.  Either way, I had a great time and we got in some good jumps ourselves.

I definitely need to work on not ducking to the right over jumps though. The first one is definitely all on me, the path was totally clear ahead of us. I’ll be working on that at home by just really forcing myself to keep my eyes focused ahead. it’s always been a bad habit to look toward where I’m going next over jumps and obviously that’s led to some smaller issues that I’d like to iron out.

After the hunter pace I headed “home” with Bella and got her settled in.

Thankfully she was pretty tired so there were no dramatics with turning her out. She and the two boss mares had a moment, Josie (a TWH) sort of chased her around for a minute and within 15 minutes they were all nibbling at grass. Within 2 hours they were content out in the pasture. Overnight Bella became BFFs with a bay mare, Memphis, and we spent the next couple of days with Memphis screaming any time Bella was pulled from the pasture.

Because of Bella’s anxious nature she’s now being fed outside on the fence line with 3 of the other mares while the oldest of the group (so old I literally rode this mare in middle school) is pulled out to get fed inside.

Bella’s got a fly sheet on, it’s survived a week. She’s remembering how to cross-tie without freaking out when I walk away to get something, and then my very first official day back where I went to go do some light trot work I locked my keys in my car and had to ride in sneakers and without a helmet (let’s not even start in on that lecture okay?).

Since then I’ve ridden her down in the big ring, which is pretty daunting. The only time I have to ride is also when the trainer in the lower barn is teaching so we’re just sort of dodging kids on horses the entire time. It’s been okay though. It’s good for Bella, good for me, and honestly it’s nice to have people around even if I’m not talking to them or interacting with them other than to announce if I’m coming up on their inside/outside.

I jumped a couple of times at the end of the week (2 foot stuff) and she’s actually been a monster about it. We’re going to switch back to her elevator bit (she actually bolted with me on the hunter pace at the start and I didn’t have any control even with the curb chain) and see how that works out for us.

Starting this week we’ll be back to flatting and hopefully Sundays can be our “jump days” when there isn’t a show at the farm. I may or may not do one more Hunter show at the end of the year (this is also the farm that hosted the show I did earlier this year) but with all the vet bills Jax just gave J & I I’m not entirely sure about it. I’m not too worried about missing out on shows, although it definitely wasn’t in my plans, I’m glad our baby boy is going to be okay.

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