Life Update

FYI this is going to be a majorly non-horsey blog post. In fact, right now the frequency that I may be blogging at all is very up in the air.

On May 10th my boyfriend (J or “the Viking”) was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident. He has been in ICU since then, three surgeries later and his bones are ready to start the healing process. Of course we still have weeks and weeks of trouble before we honestly know how this is going to all start playing out.

Viking and I have been together over three years (September 2014 is when we began seeing one another and December 2014 is when we made things official). He’s been both incredibly frustrated by my horse habits but he has also been one of my biggest supporters. When I was withdrawing from riding because of my mental illnesses and life in general he pushed me to go ride. He pushed me to keep going and without him, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Obviously right now I’m struggling with his condition and all the little details that we don’t know about how his recovery process will go, but I have never-ending faith in him and a massive support team behind us both.

I recognize that I need to continue riding but my concern is going to be riding a lot as his hospital location is an hour away from where I am, and where my horse is, so the frequency of my saddle time is completely up in the air right now. I did have some posts in the works so I’ll still be writing (as that also helps me control my anxiety and depression) but I have no clue how often. I love TSE and this is a deeply personal blog for myself and I am hell bent on keeping it going purely for my own outlet.

But until I have my Viking back, he is where most of my focus will be. He’s done nothing but support me and develop me to be a better person, now it’s my turn for him.


26 year old equestrian keeping busy and moving forwards.

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