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Last summer Bella went through THREE fly sheets. This spring I walked into my local Dover (shout out y’all) and after picking over what they had in stock, and being a little underwhelmed with things I liked, I ended up having to simply ask them what they thought would fit Bella’s needs.



  • Must have a neck cover.
  • Must cover her belly.
  • Must not be (easily) destroyable.

They suggested I try this Rambo one and honestly, I’ve been so thrilled with the purchase. The price made me sigh, but I knew it was time to bite the bullet. You get what you pay for and while Bella was easy on her clothes when she was younger, it seems like that’s no longer going to be the trend. But the manager swore that this sheet would hold up and since we’re halfway through the summer and there’s not one rip, I’m giving it a solid review.


Bella doesn’t sweat much under it (and she’s a sweater so that’s impressive to me), there’s not one single rip, she’s been just as happy in it in 80 degree weather as when it’s upper 90ies. The one thing it doesn’t do which I wish it helped with? Keeping her from getting so sun bleached. You can’t have everything though and since it helps keep her from getting bug bites and hives and all that other non-sense, I’m happy.

The blanket has actually come off on cooler days here, or when it’s going to pour, but it stays on most of the time and she comes in without gross skin things going on. No fungus, no dandruff, just her mane getting super wild when it gets pressed to one side or the other. While we’re in the neck area, the fly sheets neck cover is AWESOME. I have NEVER once seen it flip up to where any sliver of her withers would be exposed.

Bella did manage to finally rip the cover between her tail and the mesh of the blanket. I’m not really sure how, but I know that the blanket is still working the way it should and I’m not worried about it until the mesh rips. In all, I’ve definitely saved money buying this blanket over a cheaper one.

You can find the product here. Sorry, I’m not sponsored and this isn’t really an ad. Just me loving a product and wanting to pass it along to anyone else who has hard to sheet horses in the summer.



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2 thoughts on “Rambo Protector Fly Sheet

    1. This is by far my favorite! I still spray her legs with fly spray, but I save so much using the sheet. Even for the price, I’ll buy another one if this one gets mangled.

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