Can’t Stop, Wont Stop

I have started this post in my head dozens of times over the past couple of weeks, but I let myself put it off. This summer is easily going down as the worst summer I’ve ever had in my entire life. 2018, I say this sincerely, you can f*ck right off.

Jax at the beach with us in April.

Not only did my boyfriend have his accident but we lost his English Golden Retriever to stage 4 lymphoma. Then shortly after we moved into our new house, my elderly Black Lab began to show us signs that it was time to say goodbye. I’d had Cher since high school and I’d been dreading that day for years. We’ve had both dogs cremated and they’re home with us for good now. We are both still broken hearted over the losses.


We are lucky enough to still have a dog at home. We lost the Golden but being down one dog enabled me to be in a position to take back my Australian Cattle Dog, Maybe. I’d rehomed Maybe when I began working an office job 40 hours a week and was no longer barn manage. Because of my work scheudle I was unable to provide her with the excersie that she needed as a young working dog (I have felt guilty about that since I rehomed her). I only was able to agree that it would be better to rehome her because I found a great situation with an owner who worked from home and would be around the amount that Maybe needed.

The woman knew she had issues when she took her (leash reactivity issues and low confidence with other dogs which would result in Maybe snapping at them). Unfortuately over time the woman didn’t make the progress she though she could with Maybe and when I mentioned how much I missed having a Cattle Dog she asked if I wanted her back. She’s home for good, and having Cher with her for those first couple of weeks actually helped her settle in really well and she’s happy as can be now.

Among all of this I haven’t been riding like I would have liked too. Bella ended up getting loose on the farm, slipping on the driveway, and hurt her ankle. I’ll do a full post about that injury and the resulting care soon and drop a link here. I am finally getting the time to start riding again. We’re working on every-other day now but it’s not been consistent. Either way she’s happy to be back to mostly consistent work and no longer acting super nutty. I firmly believe that her lack of work attributed to her jail break from the barn.

I’ve been breaking my jumping rule (as in, I only jump once a week typically). She’s been getting jumped almost daily over small fences (2’3″ at the max), but yesterday I got lucky and my boyfriend mixed up an appointment time. He ended up being out near the barn and with no appointment he agreed to come video Bella jumping for me. It’s her second video since the injury, being back in work, and her first of jumping above 2’3″ again. I was really excited about it. I was also suffering from crazy allergies and didn’t ride my best. Either way, I’m so proud of her for her effort and so thrilled that we’re back.


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