Hurricane Florence Assistance

The last week-ish has been an absolute delight here in NC. First we had a Cat 4 coming towards us, then it shifted down south from where I am, which was pretty nice. I wasn’t really too worried about it even as a category 4 just because of the location where we live. I was more worried about the horses out at the farm and so when it shifted, as a horse owner, the first thing I felt was pure relief that we wouldn’t be in the direct line of fire. Selfish? Sure but who isn’t a little selfish about their own animals?

We weathered everything just fine here. We got some rain and wind, my office was closed from Wednesday to Friday because of the storm and so I worked from home and on Saturday we went out and traded cars out and checked on Bella (who was happy and relaxed out in her field despite the on and off rain).

Our farm hurricane prep included

  • Halters
  • Tags braided into the mane with the farm info on them (they were cow-ear tags btw).
  • I also tested out Sharpie Mean Streak on Bella & her halter.


We got super lucky here and the horses all appear okay with most experieciing some rain rot. Both barns practiced a “turn out and let them fend for themselves” approach to the hurricane as they are safter outside than inside our old barns. Horses, most of them, are still smart enough to fend for themselves and turn to natural instincts to weather storms. Bella came out of the whole ordeal with one little spot on her neck and nothing else, we are so incredibly lucky.


However, others have not been so lucky in areas where the hurricane was more centered. Both of the Carolina’s have experienced pretty harsh flooding since the Hurricane came through, even as a tropical storm it was dumping water into our states. Durham, where I work and grew up, had some pretty big flooded areas on Monday when I was going to work (they appeared that morning and were pretty much all gone by that afternoon).


The top picture is a panoramic of a park newar my job, the water was rushing from one side of the park, over the street, and into the otherside. Then rushing down the hill and across the next street down. The bottom picture is in front of my high school.


Due to the hurricane, and subsequent flooding, I’m hoping to raise a little money to donate to equestrians who are acquiring vet bills from injuries or health issues brought about by Hurricane Florence. While this wasn’t on a Hurricane Harvey scale, there are plenty of homes that have been ruined by the hurricane and the last thing these people need in such a disaterous time is to be worrying about finanally supporting their horses from any injuries they may have sustained.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe for this and 100% of the money raised will go to vet services in North Carolina and South Carolina, or rescues who have taken on horses as a result of the Hurricane. I’ve been in touch with one vet service in North Carolina in an area where fooding was definitely high. I’m currently on the hunt for a South Carolina vet service and one or two rescues in both states.

I’ve set the goal at $2,000 but if more is raised, more will be donated!

You can find the GoFundMe page here!

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