DIY Ribbon Wreath

This DIY Ribbon Wreath is a great way to show off your hard work and skill while also utilizing your show ribbons rather than storing them away somewhere. This is a project that can be done in a couple of hours, or a couple of days.

This post is SO long overdue. I was supposed to do this two weeks ago. But then I got busy and then we had hurricane nonsense and here we are!

I have had a box of Bella’s ribbons that we’ve collected since she was three and just starting to figure out how to walk-trot like a somewhat sane horse. Thanks to the move into the new TSE “headquarters” I decided I was going to do something with the ribbons rather than just having that box sitting around taking up space (The Salty Boyfriend also doesn’t want a random box just hanging out with show ribbons in it, which you know… fair enough).

I’d been mulling over what to do with them for a while and every time I thought about it I came back to doing a wreath with them. I’ve seen some online and so I decided that I was just going to give it a shot. This is what I used & how I did it!



  • Thick gagued wire: Thin enough that you can still work it into a circle but thick enough that it will hold it’s shape on it’s own. Also keep in mind that you will be gluing things onto it later so you really need something you can work with here.
  • Wire cutters
  • Plyers
  • Sissors OR box cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks (I used probably 10 small sticks over the course of the project.)
  • Hanging Wire
  • Ribbons (I used…)
    • 3 Big Champions
    • 1 Big Reserve Champion
    • 4 LittleChampions
    • 4 Little Reserve Champions
    • 5 Big First Places
    • 17 Small Firsts (Cut, not all used)
    • 5-10 Small Seconds (Cut, not all used)
  • Surface to work on!


The Steps

1. Once you have all your materials assembled and ready to go, your first task is to mold out your wreath using the wire. I did this by unwiding enough to do 3 loops and then wound the second and third loops around the first one. Do NOT cut them to do your loops simply keep the circle going. Cutting them just leaves more places for sharp wire to cut you.


2. Next, cut the ribbon strands from the rosette pieces.  I used a box cutter for this step. With the blade only slightly out I was able to cut almost all three pices at one time.  – When cutting you should cut at the base of the backing so that you don’t have any pieces showing later on. Do NOT throw away the ribbon strands!


I also used this time to lay the rosettes around the wire frame to make sure I had prepared enough.



3. Next, set up your hot glue gun, and get ready to start the fun work! Take the ribbon strands and begin to glue them onto your wire frame. Do a small-ish dot of glue, set your ribbon, wrap the strand around, and then glue the ending piece onto the frame. Repeat until the entire frame is covered. At this point you can decide if you would like to do a second wrap (which I did).


4. Once you have your frame covered you’re ready to start onto the fun part! I took a few ribbons and hung them across the bottom of the frame.


And then I glued all the rosettes onto the frame! The pattern you decide to do is totally up to you!

I did a bit of a pattern but I also left some areas that seem empty so that I can (one day over the rainbow) add onto the wreath and continue to make it as special as possible.

5. Your final step is to hang it up! For this you’ll need the hanging wire (or string). Tie one end on either side of your wreath in the back. When doing this make sure that you leave enough of a loop that it will hang up behind the wire and rosettes so it’s not visible. Once it’s secure you can pick a spot and hang it up! We (lol I) decided on our front door!

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