Honestly, I actually don’t tend to think I’m that braggy. I’d like to think I’m pretty humble about stuff. That said, I have a pretty good ability to feel horses about to do whatever bad shit and keep it in check. Even when I don’t see it coming from the start, I’m still able to move with them and stick it out. But y’aaaalllll, I was due for a fall.

The last horse I fell off of was years and years ago (we’re talking like 6 or 7 years). I came off of a little Arabian pony (Magic) on a quick road hack (we have nice lovely shoulder areas for most of the way around our loop at the barn). In that instance we were just trotting around and he tripped or popped his hind end up. Either way, his head went down and I went off right over his shoulder (you’ll realize soon taht this is my prefered method of “accidental dismounts”). Before coming off of Magic the last time I’d come off was years earlier on Bella when she was three-ish (twice in 15 minutes, both times just dropped right over her shoulder onto my back). Around the same time Bella dumped me I came off of an Appendix QH named Nico that I rode some until he sold. I came off Nico over a 3ft jump, and you guessed it I came off over his shoulder. I feel like those “tuck n’ roll” lessons from my eventing trainer paid off from high school.

But back to my most recent fall (2 days later and I’m still amused by this situation). I have been riding one of the barn owner’s geldings. He’s her kids horse, but he’s still a little green in some situations. Honest, not super brave but god he tries his heart out. I’ve only been on him a handful of times, but Bella is out (more on that later) so when someone mentioned the upcoming Hunter Pace near me, I decided to ask the barn owner if I could take Moose. She had previously mentioned me taking him out and just pushing him a little. His goal is 100% kid safe, but still fun.

He has never once done anything in the ring with me, so I wasn’t too worried about things. The one thing I wish I would have done is lunge him, which didn’t occur to me at all.

We got out there and there’s a long driveway which we trot down and it opens up into these huge fields where the farm that hosts grows. We trotted down the driveway, one horse in front and one behind. As we reached the fields the head horse stepped up into a canter so I went ahead and followed suit with Moose. We came around the corner and, upon later reflection, I think he just saw all that open space and had a momentary brain freeze.

I hacked Bella a bunch as a baby and every other horse I’ve ridden has been pretty used to getting out and about. Moose has been out before but under different circumstances, but usually he’s doing lessons in the ring at home. So I honestly didn’t have a plan for this situation (bad me). Moose was able to drop his head and start hopping around. I don’t think he ever got a clear buck in but he definitely disloged me on the first couple hops and I ended up coming off over the side and half slid down his neck into a mud puddle mess. I was able to stop my fall with my hand and just landed on my knees rather than my face.

I got back on and we had a wonderful rest of the day. He and I got over a couple of fences, including the scary blue barrels Bella and I charge over every time I take her out. I was so grateful to ride him, shocked that he rodeo’d me out of the tack, and surprisingly sore yesterday and today.

Overall I had a great day, I definitely want to take him out again. He’s such a good boy and I’m really hoping that his owner lets me keep riding on him and maybe prep him for a dressage (LOL) show this spring!


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    1. I’m okay! I wasn’t even sore the next day other than my shoulders and back which was probably more from the ten miles we rode than falling off! Everyone’s gotta come off sometime so I was just glad it was such an easy slide down!

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