Tentatively Back

img_2969Add failed blogger to my resume please.

So honestly, ever since the beginning of last summer when my boyfriend was hit by a car  and hospitalized nothing has really felt right. I’ve struggled just finding my old routine since he came home and between all of it all there was just so much choas and loss last year. 2018 really just hit my life hard and with all those  hits and already fighting with anxiety and depression I feel like I just shut down in a lot of ways. Of course I  kept going to work, I tried  to  keep making it to the barn as often as possible, but if it wasn’t mandatory I really just pushed a lot of things  off of my plate. I’m still  sort of up and down, but I really feel like writing helps me having some direction so I really want to get back to doing this, for myself. I’m just now starting to focus on riding regularly again so once I  actually have an idea of where I am, I’ll be “journaling” again. – R


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