Trust Required

If you’ve never had your horse second guess your leadership or question if they should trust your instincts, congratulations you’re basically winning at life. As flight or fight creatures, mostly anyways, horses naturally balk at things that they find scary (and then sometimes try to run away). Some horses are braver than others, but this doesn’t make them exempt from occasionally saying “nope” when facing a new obstacle. Even after (almost) eight years, and training Bella from the ground up we still face moments where she has to question my sanity. Dealing with the waves this past weekend on the beach was one of those moments. Now, it’s not that Bella’s never seen water before. We’ve schooled water complexes before, crossed dreams, and even did a beach ride late in 2017. At the beach this past winter she had no problems with the water, but of course it wasn’t moving and it was clear straight to the bottom. The water

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